• Encaustic and mixed media

    Experimenting with encaustic techniques!

    Encaustic 1

    Encaustic 2

    Encaustic 3

    Encaustic 4

    Encaustic 5

    Encaustic 6

    Encaustic 7

    Encaustic 8

    Encaustic 9

    Encaustic 10

    Encaustic 11

    Encaustic 12

  • 2015 to 2017

    Mixed medias etc

    Le jardin de cacti

    Vanuatu, acrylic on canvas, 36cm X 36cm, $185

    Upstream, mixed media and acrylic on canvas, $225




    Ghana days

    Red armchair (1)

    Breakfast time

    Red armchair (2)

    My street (1)

    Brahms No 6

    Hearts in Winter

    Thinking of butterflies

    Diamond Tree

    Le jardin

    Bruny Island, 2



  • More acrylics, 2014

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    Chez Sylvie

    Tokyo night


    Fribourg, Switzerland

  • Water 2014



    Bay of Fires, Tasmania

    Lower Sandy Bay (1), Tasmania

    Lower Sandy Bay (2), Tasmania

    Mt Wellington and Lower Sandy Bay, Tasmania

    Bruny Island, Tasmania

    Annihilation of my Credit Card...

    Tassie beach, acrylic on canvas, $120

    Lower Sandy Bay and Mt Wellington, acrylic on canvas, $120 (SOLD)

    The Derwent River, Hobart


    Phare Amédée, New Caledonia

    7th of July

    Lower Sandy Bay (3)


    Bourail (1), New Caledonia

    Bourail (2), New Caledonia


    Evening in Hobart

  • Mountains 2014

    Le Moléson, Christine

    Le Moléson, Christine

    Moléson, Christine

    Moléson, Christine


    Somewhere up there

    Dent de Broc et lac de la Gruyère

    Another mountain


    Mt Wellington


  • Tokyo, mixed media, pastel and collage

    Ghana days, mixed media, acrylics and African cloth

    Ghana drumming

    Trying to remember all the rhythms...

    Dreaming in colours

    Just mucking around

  • Pets from here and there...

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    Jasper as a puppy







  • Pastels

    From around the world

    Swiss farm, Montbovon

    Swiss farm, Montbovon


    Signal Station, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

    Signal Station, Tasmania, Australia


    Night in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan


    Taroona, Tasmania, Australia


    Clifton Beach, Tasmania, Australia

    The Derwent River, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

    Rue de Champ-Barby, Bulle, Switzerland

    Swiss farm

    St Saphorin, Switzerland

    Glass wine Bay, Tasmania, Australia

    Château de Chillon, Switzerland

    Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia

    Les Lavaux, Switzerland

    Church, Switzerland

    Door, Battery Point, Tasmania, Australia


    Gruyères et Dent de Broc, Switzerland

    Fields, Switzerland

    Le Moléson et Gruyères, Switzerland

    The Derwent River, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

  • Apps


  • Brighten your Corner


    Brighten your Corner...

    Artist statement



    I am a self-taught artist who has been painting and drawing for over 30 years. I have worked mostly with pastels, acrylics and collage over the last ten years. My work tends to focus on landscapes and cityscapes from around the world. Through my paintings, I try to convey my feelings for places I love.

    Experimenting with colours is a way of expressing emotions that often can’t be put into words. After spending a month in Ghana, drumming every day with amazing teachers, I wanted to express this overwhelming experience but could not even attempt a figurative representation. Using offcuts of Ghanaian fabrics and blending them into acrylic patterns was the perfect way to depict the vivid brightness of the world I had just experienced. I used origami paper and collage, mixed with pastels, to capture the busy Tokyo cityscapes. Painting mountains has been a link to my childhood and my family in Switzerland, reminding me of the amazing views I had as a child, with mountains almost in my backyard. Painting often takes me to unexpected places, and I just try to follow the ever changing direction of my work.

    “Brighten your corner” is the motto on one of the pieces of African fabric I have used. I like to apply this to my art, as art truly is a way to brighten life. For me, it brightens all corners of my life (and our house…), as well as taking me into a meditative journey, where nothing else matters. When I paint, I feel happy.




    About me...


    I was born in Switzerland and studied to be a piano teacher at the Conservatorium of Fribourg. I came to Australia after meeting my future Australian husband in Ireland. Whilst living in Sydney for many years and teaching piano, I experimented with various art forms, such as watercolour, collage, illustration of children's books and silk painting. I have always been strongly attracted to all visual art forms and took up pastels after moving to Tasmania in 2005. Since then, I have consistently worked with a variety of media, initially hoping to express the vibrant and dramatic colours of the Tasmanian landscape, and then of other countries which I have visited or lived in. Mountains are amongst my favourite subjects, as well as water and clouds.

    I had my work exhibited at the Peppercorn Gallery (Richmond) and at the Signal Station Brasserie (Hobart). I had my first solo exhibition in December 2017, in Port Vila, Vanuatu. At the moment, I have a work of 'decoupage' (paper cutting) exhibited in a national Swiss exhibition in Bulle (Switzerland). I am constantly seeking new ways to experiment with art, doing workshops such as print making and mixed media. I love the process of drawing, painting and experimenting, enjoying this process as much as the result.

    Email: cricrimoomoo@gmail.com